GMED ONE® BioMedical


GMED ONE® is a full service biomedical repair partner with a national reputation for quality. We provide expert equipment maintenance and repair on-site and off-site. Our personnel are factory trained in all facets of diagnostic instrument testing, including physical, electrical and calibration procedures. This expertise combined with the best diagnostic equipment and software makes GMED ONE® the go-to partner for biomedical instrument repair services.


When parts or equipment are better serviced off-site, GMED ONE® offers the simple solution:

  • We provide appropriate packaging and shipping labels
  • Free loaners are available if needed
  • Our repair facilities are ISO 13485 certified
  • Our workmanship is guaranteed
  • Dedicated consultants to pick up and return equipment
  • Quick turn service


Our years of experience make GMED ONE® a partner you can count on: all of our work is guaranteed to bring the equipment we service back to OEM and FDA performance specifications or better. And the volume of work we handle means we regularly work on all major equipment brands.


MRI Coils

MRI Coils are one of the most expensive devices to replace in an imaging suite. The ability to have them repaired requires a skill and expertise that is not easy to find.

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Patient Monitors

We evaluate the operating room and patient costs of the healthcare facility, your budget, and your surgical equipment needs to understand the unique demands of your facility and create an effective solution to meet those needs.

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Ultrasound Probes / TEE

The ultrasound transducer is one of the most critical parts of the ultrasound machine, making proper operation crucial.

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Ultrasound QA Program

GMED ONE® test equipment replaces traditional phantom/gel pack
testing with the most advanced probe analysis system available.

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