Video Processors, Cameras and Light Sources

Restoring Video Endoscopy Equipment to “Good as New”

GMED ONE® is your source for video processors, cameras and light source repairs. If your camera is need of a complete rebuild or a CCD replacement, we can offer a repair option or exchange option to keep your surgery department on schedule. GMED ONE® has an extensive inventory of Stryker, Olympus and Storz cameras that can be exchanged for the same price as the repair. This saves you time and money by not having to wait for your repair to come back to you. In addition, we have extensive repair capabilities of both video and light processors.

As consultants to your business, we will analyze your operating room and patient costs, budget and equipment needs to propose the best solution for your facility. We know every hospital and surgery center is different and we supply the services required to meet your specific demands.

Endoscopy Equipment Repaired by GMED ONE®:

  • All models of Stryker Endoscopy
  • Olympus Standard and HD Series cameras and processors
  • All models of Storz
  • All models of Conmed
Contact the surgical camera repair technicians at GMED for more information on our services or to inquire about shipping details. Contact Us